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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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at 5:00 a.m." begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good monday morning washington. tune in 13. i am greta kreuz. . >> i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. meteorologist adam caskey. it is pretty windy this morning. >> a little breezy. but it is good. a little breezy at times with some gusts approaching 20 miles an hour and that is all. it is offering in drier air. it will be very profitable this week. a complete difference from last week. 65 in annapolis, 61 in centreville, 61 in all die. one 0.81 inches of rain in annapolis. 80 degrees for the high
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temperatures today with scattered clouds this afternoon and evening. dew points dropping into the 50's. upper 70's for the high temperature tomorrow. there could be a brief late-day showers. the commute is quiet. normal travel times on 95 66, around the beltway. 14th street bridge in this picture, it is quiet. three lanes getting by to the left and one lane getting by to the right. now to news. people are cleaning up the damage caused by last night's storm in vienna. a tree fell onto a house causing major damage. the family had tentatively sold the house and was planning to move to idaho. that is on hold. in prince william county a tree
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and destroyed a family said -- shed and pulled down thousands of power lines. -- and caused thousands of power outages. >> and there was a funnel cloud spotted over harrisonburg, virginia. still no rest in the shooting death of an old dominion students from the d.c. area. >> 20-year-old christopher cummings was likely the victim of a random attack. >> he is the nephew of congressman elijah cummings. he has been on the other side of tragedy is consoling families, but today he is coping with his own loss. 20-year-old christopher cummings, known for his charisma is dead. someone shot and killed the old
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dominion students inside a norfolk home.' a devastating loss for his uncle and mentor elijah cummings. >> i cannot describe the pain. >> he just finished his sophomore year at old dominion and plans to major in criminal justice and was living a life to the fullest. >> this was a good kids. he was the kind of kid that most people would want as a son. >> police are investigating what happened. they believe he is the victim of a possible home invasion. shocking true friends living nearby. >> i don't know how somebody could do that, take a person's life. one of>> one of his roommates was injured in the shooting as well. people describe him as very
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bright and as a popular student at old dominion. we are getting a firsthand look at arizona congresswoman's gabrielle giffords' road to recovery. the first pictures taken since the january shooting in tucson were posted on facebook yesterday. were taken last month at the texas rehab hospital where she had been recovering. this comes amid reports she could be released from hospital in the next few weeks. warning pictures of another member of congress but it's anything but good news. >> new york lawmaker anthony weiner. there's stepped up pressure for him to step down. brianne carter is live on capitol hill this morning with who is joining the calls for his resignation. >> good morning. when the first picture was released and even after we heard first from congressman anthony weiner, his constituents were standing by him, saying that he
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should keep his job. now some new yorkers are calling for him to step down. they are echoing the words of some top members of his own party and others across the aisle. we are getting even more images of the congressman in new photographs recently released by various pictures that he took of himself in various stages of undress. he says he will keep his job. he says he has decided to take a leave of absence to seek treatment. it's not clear how long that will take. some are hoping it will be permanent. brianne carter reporting from capitol hill, abc 7 news. a former montgomery county police officer who illegally use computers to help spur drug- stealing fiancee has a plea
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deal. delores culmers faces five years in prison and a 250 to thousand dollar fine. a study is being made public today. the government is releasing all of the pentagon papers 40 years after a a newspaper published part of a secret study on the vietnam war. a defense analyst was charged with leaking the documents. that case against him fell apart. 5:06, 65 degrees. >> dirk nowitzki and the dallas mavericks get it done. now along star state is celebrating its first nba title. >> first, a break from the heat and humidity. adam caskey will have the
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welcome back. 5:09 monday morning. time for traffic and weather. >> i noticed it was windy this morning and cool. >> that is the result of the and
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a northerly wind. it is refreshing. humidity is dropping. dew points in the 50's and upper 4-d's. -- upper 40's. clear skies overhead right now. some high, thin clouds. we will have filtered sunshine later on today. pretty sunny overall and agreeable. 67 downtown. the average low is 64. 57 degrees in hagerstown along with cumberland. 70 in annapolis, 66 in quantico. 80 degrees this afternoon. the average is 84. we will be below average today and tomorrow. added cloud cover tomorrow. mostly cloudy by tomorrow afternoon with a brief shower
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late in the day tomorrow. upper 70's the on tuesday. it is agreeable on 95. normal travel times between richmond and baltimore. in good shape on 270. this is approaching 109. the pace is in our favor between father hurley and the beltway. looks good on 66 between centreville and the beltway. it's quiet on the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road. 5:11, 65 degrees. >> a secret weapon in the spread of democracy. how the u.s. government is keeping the lines of communication open overseas. >> powerful storms moved through the area yesterday. we will show you s host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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checking our top stories on this monday morning, maryland congressman elijah cummings is mourning the death of his nephew. norfolk police say that 20-year- old christopher cummings was shot and killed at his house at old dominion university. his roommate was injured. they've made no arrests. damage and power outages. a tree caused major damage to a house in vienna yesterday. in prince william county a tree damaged a said -- a shed and pulled down some power lines. in eastern arizona they're making a fire line and they're hoping the huge wildfire will be held 10% contained today. it has burned 700 square miles
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sofar. storms blew through quickly but the damage left behind will last much longer. thousands of people are still in the dark this morning after falling trees dragged down power lines across the region. jummy olabanji is live in vienna with a look at the impact. good morning. >> good morning. we are on manassas circle in vienna. this home behind me was one of those damaged by a falling tree during yesterday's storm. there is video of what it looks like when the storms blew through our area, dumping down soaking rains throughout the region. there was strong wind that downed several tree limbs and power lines. several residents heard if the wind howling and pops as the trees fell on their properties. there was a lot of damage from the storm including this family in vienna. their neighbor's aging old tree
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-- hauterivoak tree fell on their home. also, they will be trying to clean up starting this morning. power companies are going through the process of trying to restore power. a little over 4000 people are still without power this morning. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. 2012 presidential campaign, former house speaker newt gingrich as re-lost his bid for the republican presidential nomination. -- re-launched his bid. this is his first campaign appearance since several senior aides quit last week. several confirmed or
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potential republican candidates meet for their first debate tonight. newt gingrich is expected to be at the debate in an answer, along with former massachusetts governor mitt romney, former minnesota governor tim pawlenty and texas congressman ron paul. minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann businessman herman cain, and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum also, expected to take part. tracking apple in outer space. and keeping in touch with the help of a top-secret government program. peggy bunker has those stories and more. >> a saddle internet to help democracy movements. a state department confirms that when oppressive governments shutdown the internet, the u.s. government will move in and provide an uncensored internet service. it can be carried quickly across the border and sat upon -- and
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set up. ipod devices that were defective will be replaced with new ones. a couple i phones will be launched into space aboard the final shuttle spitflight used to conduct several experiments. you can track them from ameri earth. the calling functions have been disabled. time soon see how this monday shaping up. >> much better than last week. >> much better. this week we are going to be a few degrees below average. >> payback. >> it feels like a completely different season outside this morning. a northerly wind. let's look at the bay, mostly
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clear. sunrise at 5:42. we got some downpour's on the weekend. we needed those. these are the totals from the weekend. 1.83 inches in centreville. that is healthy. 1.8 in annapolis, 1.7 in king george, 1.29 in strasbourg. those were the highest we could find. only a quarter inch in fostered. t-- in falls church. it is 67 degrees downtown this morning. it is cooler to the north and west of the metro area and it is dry airer. dew points are in the upper 40's to low 50's locally.
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that is very comfortable. if that occurs during the summer, it will feel very comfortable. dry air. mostly clear skies in place right now. we have some high, thin clouds of to our west with a disturbance moving through indiana and ohio. if that will pass overhead. filtered sunshine this afternoon and evening. you can see some showers and thicker clouds in the east. that will drops out and increase our clouds by tomorrow afternoon and cause a passing shower. 80 degrees today with sunshine and low humidity. north wind at 10-15. upper 70's the next couple days for the afternoon high temperature. stance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms thursday into the weekend. go to for the latest.
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client on the highway -- quiet on the highway. looks good on route 4 route 50, central avenue, looks good on 202. quiet is on 95 in maryland and 295. no troubles out of colombia on 29. 270 has a little bit more action right now but nothing complicated out of urbana. looks good on 95 and 395. more of your neighbors have hit the road. headlights are northbound out of newington to springfield. 64 degrees. >> the dallas mavericks took their talents to south beach and if they are taking home the nba title. we will hear from the winners and losers, coming up. >> today on "oprah," the secret
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life of meredith baxter, 4:00 on abc 7.
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dirk nowitzki put sixs it in. >> the dallas mavericks' star has his championship ring.
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for lebron james, maybe next year. >> the dallas mavericks did not loseneed game 7. they finished in six games. >> dirk nowitzki had 21 points for the mavericks'. lebron james had 21 points for the miami heat, but he turned the ball over six times. dallas is celebrating 105-99. >> this is a win for players on both ends of the floor of sharing ball, of passing the ball. we have been doing that all season. >> try to get to the top of the mountain and you fall off. it is a personal failure. it was a failure in 2007 when we lost to disperse when i was in cleveland.
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it was a failure for myself losing to the mavericks. >> this was the scene last night in dallas, fans celebrating the city's first-ever nba title. >> congratulations. the nationals' long road trip ended on a positive note. they beat san diego behind another strong pitching performance from jordan zimmerman. they will face the cardinals tomorrow at home. 5:26, 64 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead is it a case of do as i say, not as i do? overhauling the district pose the ethics enforcement laws. = = district's ethics enforcement laws.
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>> and the nephew of a congressman killed. >> and the weather is going to feel like a different season
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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>> i looked at his facebook page, and the two people he said inpired him were barack obama and his uncle elijah. >> straight ahead a senseless tragedy detected the family of american lawmaker. congressman elijah cummings speaks out after his nephew was shot and killed. good morning, washington. it is monday, june 13. i am scott thuman. >> i am greta kreuz. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. let's start with adam caskey with a check of on the forecast. it is very refreshing out there. >> if we have a breeze out of the north and northwest. it is dry airer. we had records last week appeared this week we will be below average in terms of afternoon highs. 67 downtown, 63 at dulles
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airport. 72 at lexington park. a little humidity hanging on in southern maryland, but that will be pushing away. dew points ingaa 40's and 50's. that means a low humidity. -- dew points in the 40's and 50's. late-day showers possible tomorrow afternoon and evening. the rest of this week, highs around 80 degrees or less. clear traffic around the airport, metro rail is on normal service, no problems on the greenway, the dulles toll road. until volume increasing, for example, northbound i-95 in springfield in this camera. now to news. some people in our area are dealing with damage this morning after last night's storm.
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indiana, a tree fell on the house. that family had tentatively sold the house and was planning to move to idaho. that is on hold. in prince william county, a tree pulled down power lines and clicpped another family's shed. get attack on the forecast any time by logging onto our web site -- get a check on the forecast. christopher cummings was killed. someone shot and killed the old dominion student inside his norfolk home. it appears to be random acts of violence. congressman elijah cummings is speaking out about his nephew. >> good morning. a family of 20-year-old christopher cummings called this a senseless acts of violence. he is the nephew of maryland congressman elijah cummings.
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the rising junior at old dominion university was shot and killed inside his off-campus homre. it was a possible home invasion. last night the representatives spoke out on behalf of the family. >> i have consoled parents but it is different when it happens in your own family. it --i cannot even describe the pain. >> he says it is devastating for his family and his nephews friends. christopher cummings was planning to major in criminal justice. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> his roommate is in critical condition. we're getting our first look at arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords since she was
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shot ahead in january. two pictures were posted on our facebook page yesterday. they were taken last month at the texas rehab hospital where she is recovering. she could leave the hospital and later on this month. more photographs of representative anthony weiner are prompting calls for his resignation. >> he has refused to step down, but he says he's taking a leave of absence to seek treatment. brianne carter has the latest from capitol hill. >> the latest in the anthony weiner scandal. photographs recently released by, the photographs show the congressman taking pictures of himself in various stages of undress reportedly taken in the house gym. >> i'm working hard to try to get back to normal and serve the people of my district the best i can. >> some of his constituents wonder whether he can do that.
5:35 am
some new yorkers are joining others on capitol hill calling for his resignation. >> we have made clear that he needs to resign and focus on getting his own personal pitch issues in order. >> he says he -- his own personal issues in order. >> some are hoping that he will not return. some people are wondering how long this leave of absence will take. some are hoping it will become permanent. it's not clear whether or not we will hear from his wife huma abedin. she is still abroad, with hillary clinton working overseas. it is not clear whether she will speak out when she returns to the united states. brianne carter, abc 7 news. the d.c. council will hold the hearing today on the ethics reform bill.
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that bill would change the way the council polices itself and it would create a new office of government accountability. comes as the council chair kwame brown's finances are being investigated. councilman harry thomas vendor is accused of spending $300,000 in city funds for personal use. looking to the day and read, president obama will focus on jobs and cutting government waste. he will announce new steps to reduce government waste. then he will travel to north carolina where he will meet with his job as counsel to talk about ways to boost hiring. then he will go to florida to fund-raisers. the consumer product safety commission has a new state-of- the-art testing facility in rockville. today is the grand opening. a ribbon cutting ceremony at 1:00 this afternoon. speakers will include the cbs chair and senator richard durbin of illinois.
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>> 64 degrees outside. >> still ahead the great white way the big winners from last night's tony awards. >> first another check on traffic and weather every ten mi
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i am julie. we've are whispers network for
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teaching not to burn or ship. we teach young not to print your is not just to take a job but to make a job. -- we are with network for teaching entrepreneurship. >> good morning, washington. cooler, dry air is filtering into the district. open the windows this morning. it will only reach 80 degrees this afternoon. most of the day will be spent in the 60's and especially the 70's. mostly clear skies at the bay. 6862 degrees in stafford this morning. open the windows. pretty good breeze out of the north. some gusts up to 20 miles an
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hour. 24 at reagan national. 21 at quantico. high temperatures near 80 with a lot of sunshine. low humidity. tomorrow there will be a little added afternoon cloud cover with a brief shower or tomorrow afternoon. now to lisa baden. travel times working for us. interstate travel also looks decent. 66 eastbound delay at 29/centerville at 50. 95 is heating up out of woodbrige across the river. 95 in maryland is good. no troubles on the b-w parkway everything open. heavier volume spotted on 270 southbound at 109. marching just find out of southern maryland into the district. nice to have 65 degrees right now, 5:41. >> coming up, broadway's best.
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welcome back. checking our top stories on this monday, maryland congressman elijah cummings says that his nephew died in a random shooting near old dominion university in virginia. police say 20-year-old christopher cummings of woodbridge, was shot and killed during a possible home invasion on friday. his roommate was critically injured. new photographs of new york congressman anthony wiener sparking more calls for his resignation. these revealing pictures were reportedly taken? in the house gym. he is taking a leave of absence but says he will not resign.
5:46 am
a former san francisco transit police officer convicted of with a convicted of killing an unarmed man is out of jail. he served 11 months if of a two- year sentence for killing oscar brand on new year's day 2009. if is release sparked protest on a weekend. people are cleaning up the damage caused by yesterday's powerful storms. thousands remained without electricity after the wind toppled trees and power lines. jummy olabanji is live in vienna with a look at some of the damage and the latest on the power outages. >> the cleanup process will continue this morning. 4000 people in our region are still without power this morning. other families are forced to clean up after damage and they're wondering what is next. >> the master bedroom. >> the inside of maureen's master bedroom is littered with dry wall and insulation.
5:47 am
her neighbor's aging of oak tree came down on her vienna home yesterday. the storm dropped in heavy rain around the region. strong winds brought down power lines and severed trees. >> we heard something go pop. >> and a tear retreat in manassas came down. >> it was really loud and the wind was whipping. it was really blowing. >> the cherry tree club dayipped the shed but it's not as lucky was a neighbor. >> we were trying to sell our house and go to closing. all that is on hold. >> yesterday in maryland to in pasadena people heard a clap of
5:48 am
thunder and saw a man go into cardiac arrest. he was taken to the hospital. if it is believed he was struck by lightning. there is no word on his condition. reporting in vienna, jummy olabanji, abc 7. 5:47. the debate continues in my stomach county today about roadside solicitation. there's been an increase recently in the number of people collecting money for charities and traffic -- in traffic. lawmakers have tried, but failed to ban the practice. the montgomery county council plans to discuss the matter today. a d.c. police officer attack on the weekend in chinatown is out of the hospital and the others still in hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the officers approached a homeless man on saturday. the man was drinking in public and then attack them with a pipe. the suspect is charged with assault. the d.c. area will do its
5:49 am
part to help people in tornado that devastated and joplin, missouri. as a fund-raiser this evening at the columbus club at union station. the red-skinned event will feature food from joplin along with live music and raffles and stories from residents affected. -- the red-themed events. >> we are having a nice break from the heat. >> did everybody get rainfall? >> not everybody. let's look at rainfall totals. it is comfortable this morning, a very pleasant. we needed the rain showers and we got them along the cold front. 1.83 interest in centreville. 1.81 in annapolis. 1.75 in king george. 1.29 in strasbourg.
5:50 am
these were the highest i could find. a quarter inch in suitland. centreville had 1.83, the highest. good for the lawn and garden. 57 downtown now -- 67. 54 degrees in cumberland. dew point members in the 40's and 50's. it is going to be comfortable all week long. this is not just a brief break from the heat and humidity. it will last all week. a lot to look forward to. a lot of sunshine this morning. high clouds off to the west will move over to accommodate filtered sunshine. the action in new england will increase our afternoon shower
5:51 am
chances. overall, very pleasant this week. near 80 degrees with sunshine, high thin clouds with lower humidity. a refreshing breeze. open the window especially this morning. near 80 degrees all week. below average. go to moving from waldorf to clinton, there's been a crash on route 5 northbound. police are on the way to check out the reports of accidents. let's go to a couple of cameras. 270 moving nicely southbound at falls road, but they are coming out of frederick into montgomery county heading towards the beltway. the pace is great on northbound 395 at edsall road. mainline hov to the pentagon and beyond. back to you. >> thank you. starbucks is making it easier for job hunters.
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>> prices at the pot may be on the decline, but they are still up there in our area. -- prices at the pump. >> the average price of regular gas fell 17 cents. $3.70 since gallon per gallon. demand for gas is weak and crude-oil prices have been declining. in the d.c. area, not much relief. still pretty high as $3.95 a gallon. in iraq and afghanistan good news forbad news for combat equipment providers. they could lose millions in
5:53 am
revenue with the troops being pulled out of those war zones. starbucks has an iphone application that will let you find a job at your local starbucks and it will let you watch youtube video to learn more about the positions. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. that's exptechnology. 63 degrees. >> we will be right back.
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we have heard a lot about this play "the book of mormon." the 65th annual tony awards last night. it won nine awards including best musical. it was written by the creator of "southpark." best original score went also to "to the book of mormon." the best revival of a play went to "to the normal heart." best revival of a musical went to "anything goes." rolling stone magazine is reporting clarence clemens has
5:57 am
suffered a stroke. he's a longtime member of bruce springsteen's band. he suffered back stroke at his florida home, but details of his condition are not being released. last month many people watched him perform with lady gaga. we wish him a speedy recovery. there's a lot more coming up in the next hour. >> the most miserable mosquito season in years. >> new pictures and a new calls for resignation. the latest on the anthony weiner
5:58 am
5:59 am
straight ahead at 6:00 maryland congressman elijah cummings speaks out after his nephew is shot and killed in a random attack. >> new pictures of gabrielle giffords on her road to recovery. and more photographs of another lawmaker if lead to more calls for his resignation. >> first cleaning up the damage from last night's storm. "good morning washington at 6:00 a.m." starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.


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